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RSVP: Exploring Afghanistan-US Relations and China’s interest in the region - An Afghan Perspective

We are honored to have another AsiaGlobal Fellow from Afghanistan to be the speaker at a seminar on "Exploring the Afghanistan-US Relations and China’s Interest in the Region: an Afghan Perspective." We will explore and unfold the complex dynamics of Afghanistan-US relations by covering the historical background of the relationship, analyzing the current state of affairs, and exploring future challenges of Afghanistan. We will also look at China's interest in the region and its implications for the Afghanistan-US relationship.

The invited speaker is Mr. Sayed Dawod Amin, a 2023 AsiaGlobal Fellow at the Asia Global Institute. He is a former Afghan diplomat who recently completed his last assignment as deputy consul-general at the Consulate General of Afghanistan in Los Angeles. He had worked as an assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, assistant to the chairman of the High Peace Council, a body of the Afghan peace and reconciliation process, and also as a translator and admin officer at INTERPOL Kabul for several years.

He is interested in global policy affairs and engaging in areas related to Afghanistan and the region. He is keen on establishing a platform for discussing Afghanistan’s security and strategic affairs.

Amin holds a master’s degree in international security from SciencesPo in France, and a bachelor’s degree in political science, economics & Arabic from the University of Pune in India.

The main organizer is HKUGA, and then supported by us, HKUCSS, HKSESSA, Basic Law Foundation, and Tsinghua Law Association. Our Founder will be the moderator.

Please refer to the HKUGA website for registration:


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