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About IGCS.

Since 2012


Institute for Greater China Studies (IGCS) is established by a HKU Professor Luk Yan Lung Michael in 2012, and it has been in operation for approximately 12 years. 

Established in 2012 by Prof. Luk Yan Lung Michael, the Institute for Greater China Studies (IGCS) has been quietly contributing to the field of scholarly research for approximately 12 years. The IGCS is dedicated to studying a wide range of political, social, economic, cultural, and public policy issues, with a special emphasis on the Greater China region, an important and continually evolving area of study in the contemporary world.

In its mission, the IGCS seeks to raise public awareness and stimulate thoughtful discourse on these critical issues. It aspires to serve as a catalyst, spurring comprehensive research that can help shape public opinion and inform policy-making. The work conducted by the institute plays a crucial role in providing a nuanced understanding of the intricate interplay of factors that influence this region.

The breadth and depth of the IGCS's research are extensive, delving into areas of high relevance and significant impact. It investigates complex issues such as China's ongoing reform process and its future aspirations. It unpacks the trajectory of Hong Kong's development, offering valuable insights into its evolving role and position within the larger context of China and the Asia-Pacific region. Additionally, it explores the constructive cross-strait interaction, contributing to a deeper understanding of the collective progress and cooperation of the four regions on both sides of the strait.

Beyond its commitment to research, the IGCS is also deeply invested in nurturing an expansive intellectual network. This commitment is a reflection of the institute's belief in the transformative power of collaboration and the exchange of ideas. It actively seeks to form partnerships with other research and think tank institutions, fostering a culture of shared knowledge and progressive thought. It also invests in the development of talent, nurturing the next generation of scholars and thinkers who will shape the discourse on the Greater China region. The IGCS promotes educational initiatives, providing opportunities for learning and growth, and facilitates academic exchanges to enrich the global understanding of the Greater China region.

In conclusion, the IGCS is an institution that, while maintaining a humble approach, is driven by a vision of in-depth research, collaboration, and education. It is dedicated to fostering a profound understanding of the Greater China region, hoping to contribute positively to the world's knowledge of this significant area.

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