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PEACE OR WAR: Is Peace a “Castle in the Sky” for Taiwan?

it was very excited to see our founder to be the host and moderator to join the discussion with these two esteemed experts from #HKU, Prof. Luk (a Chinese history expert and former Sub-Dean of the HKU Faculty of Arts) and Prof. Alejandro Reyes (an IR practitioner and a former senior policy advisor in the Canadian foreign ministry), to explore the topic of "PEACE OR WAR: Is Peace a "Castle in the Sky" for Taiwan? A Straight Talk on Cross-Strait & Sino-US Relations Before the Taiwan Election".

During the panel discussion, they shared their insights and perspectives on recent developments, future prospects, opportunities, and challenges in Taiwan politics and the geopolitics of the cross-strait region under the Sino-US rivalry.

Prof. Luk provided a historical perspective on the reality of the Sino-U.S. rivalry and the vulnerable position of Taiwan. He argued that the US plays a crucial role in determining the fate of Taiwan, whether it be war or peace. At the same time, China is primarily focused on preserving its national sovereignty, interests, and security. Furthermore, Prof. Luk emphasized that the Taiwan election itself is not the decisive factor in shaping its own destiny.

Prof. Reyes shared his personal experiences and expressed his concerns about the dangers of starting a war between two superpowers, which could have dire consequences for humanity. He highlighted the active efforts of some US policymakers in advocating for a war with China, rather than seeking conflict resolution. Hence, Prof. Reyes strongly advocated for the importance of peace and war prevention, and encouraged positive diplomatic interactions between these two global powers.

This event is hosted by the The University of Hong Kong Graduate Association (HKUGA), supported by members of APAC Focus, #HKU China Studies Society, HKSESSA, Basic Law Foundation, Tsinghua Law Association. Their support has made this discussion forum possible.


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