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The Rise of China in Global Perspective: APAC FOCUS x HKSESSA

Our first physical seminar "The Rise of China in Global Perspective: APAC Focus x HKSESSA" was successfully held on 20 August 2023.

The Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme Scholars Association (HKSESSA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with a vision to serve as a platform where Hong Kong Scholars can bond with each other (Structuring), share knowledge with our next generation (Empowering) and develop their influence in different sectors of interest (Stretching). HKSESSA originated from the first-ever official Hong Kong SAR scholarship scheme, and is aimed at incubating a top cadre of “Glocal” leaders – leaders dedicated to our Hong Kong society with both local knowledge and global vision.

Special thanks to Dr. Michael Y.L. Luk (HKU's Honorary Associate Professor) for being our pro bono guest speaker. He explained the geo-political dynamics of contemporary China's rise and how the rise of China in the past 30 years has "shaken" the world.

Another special thanks to Dr. Hon. Simon Hoey Lee MH JP, a member of the Legislative Council of HKSAR and Chairman of Basic Law Foundation, for supporting this event and sharing his views through video call.

It was also an excellent intellectual exchange and networking opportunity among APAC Focus and HKSESSA's members.

Great credit to Samantha Lo (Networking Officer of HKSESSA) and our Founder Bryan Luk contributed significantly to initiating and coordinating the seminar.

Appreciation to all members and fellows who supported and participated in this seminar.


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