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RSVP: PEACE OR WAR: Is Peace a “Castle in the Sky” for Taiwan?

We are honored to have Prof. Reyes and Prof. Luk to be the speaker at a seminar on "PEACE OR WAR: Is Peace a “Castle in the Sky” for Taiwan? A Straight Talk of Cross-Strait & Sino-US relations Before the Taiwan Election." The 2024 Taiwan presidential election, also known as the 16th presidential election, is scheduled for January 13, 2024, along with the 11th Legislative Election. Several candidates have declared their candidacy, including Lai Ching-te, Hou Yu-ih, Ko Wen-je, and independent candidate Guo Taiming. The election is significant for Sino-US and cross-strait relations due to Taiwan's unique political status and the ongoing tensions. The outcome of the election could have a significant impact on the future of these relations, the stability of the region, and even international security.

The first speaker is Prof. Michael Y. L. Luk, an Honorary Strategic Advisor of APAC FOCUS and Honorary Associate Professor at the HKU Department of History and School of Chinese. He was a former Lecturer and Senior Lecturer at the HKU Department of History and Sub-Dean of the Faculty of Arts. His main areas of research and writing are modern Chinese history and contemporary China studies. Other areas include global and public policy (Hong Kong) studies, higher education and social entrepreneurship.

Outside HKU, He was Associate Director (Administration) of the Hong Kong Institute of Education during 1994-1997. He is an associate of the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute and the Social Enterprise Summit in Hong Kong. He has been the Founder and Managing Director of DragonNet Consulting Services Limited since 2008 and Founder and Convenor of the Hong Kong-based Institute for Greater China Studies since 2012.

The second speaker is Prof. Alejandro T Reyes, currently a Scholar-in-residence at the Asia Society Hong Kong Center. He was previously the Director of Knowledge Dissemination and a Visiting Associate Professor at Asia Global Institute, where he manages the AsiaGlobal Online journal. He was also a fellow of the Canadian International Council for 2020-2022.

Before joining the Asia Global Institute, Reyes was for two years senior policy adviser to the assistant deputy minister for the Asia Pacific and convenor of the Asia Pacific Policy Hub at Global Affairs Canada, the Canadian foreign ministry. He had previously served in the department in 2002 as a senior policy adviser to the Canadian Foreign Minister. From 2007 to 2017, he was a visiting associate professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at HKU. He had worked with several foundations and international organizations, including the G20 Business Summit, the Clinton Global Initiative, the World Economic Forum, and the US-Asia Institute, as well as some corporate clients.

The main organizer is HKUGA, and then supported by us, HKUCSS, HKSESSA, Basic Law Foundation, and Tsinghua Law Association. Our Founder will be the moderator.

Please refer to the HKUGA website for registration:


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