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Hong Kong's 2023 CE Policy Address Submission

As a community stakeholder, it is always crucial for us to be a powerful agent of change and contribute to building a more sustainable future for all.

Our submission focuses on five major topics: (1) “One Country, Two Systems” & Beyond, (2) Education & Research for Sustainable Development, (3) Economy, (4) Crimes & Security, and (5) Legal Affairs.

We suggest promoting “two systems” and connecting Hong Kong more with the world, consolidating the uniqueness and values of Hong Kong’s "One Country, Two Systems", and attracting international organizations to set up offices in Hong Kong. We also encourage peace, rule of law and conflict management education in primary and secondary schools, ESG and SDGs-related sustainability education and research in tertiary education, and professional southeast Asian studies and training in higher education. We also propose strategies to attract professional talents from ASEAN and Southeast Asia, prioritizing innovation and technology in Hong Kong's economic development.

We recommend combating the uprising crime trends in triad-related, organized and deception crimes, strengthening community police, improving Police-public cooperation, and introducing legislation against modern slavery and forced labor. Lastly, we suggest enhancing sentencing transparency and publicizing sentencing guidelines.

Our Submission covers the following SDGs:

SDG 3: 1 unit

SDG 4: 1 unit

SDG 8: 1 unit

SDG 9: 1 unit

SDG 16: 4 units

SDG 17: 2 units

This submission is a collection of opinions and commentaries from APAC FOCUS members, fellows and advisors. Special thanks to everyone who helped, advised and contributed.


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