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Exploring Afghanistan-US Relations and China’s interest in the region - An Afghan Perspective

Yesterday, we gathered in HKU to explore and discuss a topic of vital global significance - Afghanistan-US relations and the influence of China in the region with Sayed Dawod Amin, an AsiaGlobal Fellow and a former Afghan diplomat who recently completed his last assignment as deputy consul-general at the consulate general of Afghanistan in Los Angeles.

This talk aimed to provide a comprehensive perspective on the complex dynamics at play in this region. We delved into Afghanistan's geopolitical and internal affaris, tracing the trajectory of Afghanistan-US relations from the Cold War era — when the US supported anti-Soviet struggles, to the paradigm-shifting events of 9/11, which marked the beginning of a new chapter in their shared history. We also examined the Doha Agreement of 2020, and the subsequent US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Our discussion further extended to the role and stance of China during the US-led international presence in Afghanistan, and we tried to understand how a post-US withdrawal from Afghanistan was seen from a Chinese perspective. As we conclude, we pondered the future of Afghanistan-US relations and China's role in the absence of the US.

We are also delighted to have a senior fellow from the APAC Focus, Leonard Luk, joining the seminar as a visiting moderator. His background as a legal professional and his exposure to the global economy could provide a unique perspective for today’s topic.

The event is mainly hosted by the #HKUGA and supported by a list of organizations: APAC Focus , HKU China Studies Society, HKSESSA, Basic Law Foundation, and Tsinghua Law Association.


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