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A Young Chat on the Rule of Law and Social Development in Indonesia and Nepal Since the BRI

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Date: 27th March 2023

A Young Chat of the Belt and Road Initiative: Discussion of the current socio-political and legal development and future of the Nepal’s and ASEAN.

The world is changing. Previously, we placed a lot of focus on the western part of the world. Western countries played a major role in shaping modern global economic activities. But since the 21st Century, the world is shifting its attention to the Asia side, especially the regions in Asia. Asian countries are playing a more vital role in creating global socio-economic activities, and gaining more influence in the international community.

Especially, since the launch of the "Belt and Road Initiative” in 2013, it created a new opportunity for countries in Asia to cooperate in a deeper manner, allowing countries to have more resources to develop their society and economy. It brought a lot of impacts to member states in the past decade, and has become a well-known international cooperation platform, covering two-thirds of the countries in the world.

In order to understand its influences and to know more about the affairs occurring in Asia, we have invited young but brilliant law students from Indonesia and Nepal today, to share their views about its impact on their country’s social and rule of law development. It will allow us to have a better understanding and to learn about any changes it brought to these places.

These LLB students are from the Kathmandu School of Law, Nepal and Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia. They had prepared two promotional videos, which showed the snowy mountains of Nepal and the hot jungles of Indonesia.


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