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2024 Taiwan Election Observation Group

The APAC Focus team had an unforgettable experience when we had the opportunity to participate in the Hong Kong University Scholars Taiwan Election Observation Group which was organized by our honorary strategic advisor Dr. Michael Luk and advisor Prof. Vincent Kwan. This group allowed us to gain incredible insights into the political landscape of Taiwan during their 2024 election.

Throughout this observation trip, we were able to visit and explore several important locations in Taipei that played a significant role in the election process. These visits included four key places that provided us with a comprehensive understanding of Taiwan's political landscape:

1. Taipei's Headquarter of National Policy Foundation: This visit allowed us to delve into the inner workings of a crucial organization that plays a vital role in shaping Kuomintang's election advocacy.

2. Taipei's Headquarter of Democratic Progressive Party: Here, we had engaged in meaningful exchanges with representatives of the Democratic Progressive Party. These discussions provided us with deep insights into their candidate's manifesto and their vision for the future of Taiwan.

3. A district election base of Taiwan People's Party: This visit gave us a unique opportunity to understand the strategies and approaches of the Taiwan People's Party at a grassroots level. We were able to witness firsthand the efforts they were making to connect with voters and gain their support.

4. Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council: This visit was particularly enlightening as it allowed us to gain a comprehensive understanding of Taiwan's approach to cross-strait relations. We had the chance to engage in in-depth discussions with representatives and explore the importance of fostering dialogue and cooperation between Taiwan and Mainland China.

Furthermore, as part of our observation, our members also participated in the election campaign in Taipei. This hands-on experience provided us with valuable insights into the dynamics of an election and the various factors that influence voter behavior.

As passionate observers, we believe that people-to-people exchanges among Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China are of utmost importance, especially during this critical period. The knowledge and insights gained from this observation trip have significantly deepened our understanding of Taiwan's political landscape and have emphasized the significance of fostering dialogue and cooperation among these regions.

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