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11th Anniversary of Belt and Road Initiative: A Young Chat on the Rule of Law and Social Development in Indonesia and Nepal since the BRI

It was enlightening to engage with our overseas fellows and international law students from National Law College (Nepal) and Universitas Sebelas Maret (Indonesia) in Hong Kong. They shared their invaluable perspectives on "Belt and Road Initiatives: A Young Chat on the Rule of Law and Social Development in Indonesia and Nepal". They visited Hong Kong to participate in the well-known VIS EAST MOOT (Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot), and then joined our seminar as oral presenters.

Their insights provided sharing of their domestic socio-political landscapes and the development of the rule of law in their regions. This exchange highlighted the unique experiences and challenges in each country.

The students emphasized the importance of international dialogues and cooperation, particularly concerning major initiatives like the BRI. They demonstrated a thorough understanding of recent developments in their countries, illuminating the impact of the BRI on their societies. Their contributions underscored the growing influence of international initiatives on local development and the importance of youth engagement and empowerments in these discussions.

The exchanges was mainly organized by Basic Law Foundation, Hong Kong Basic Law Foundation, China Resources and Hong Kong LegCo members, supported by Regal Hotels International, Tsinghua Law Association (Hong Kong), 學友社 Hok Yau Club and us.

We also appreciated the supports from our members and friends: Bryan Luk T W, Derek Cheung, Aaron Wong, Leonard Luk, & Hingson Lee.


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